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Impact current pulse capacitor
Type:: MMJ
Spec: 0.5-500μF/10kV-100kV
Description: pulse circuit with heavy current character
Application: To impulse current generator
SCR (Thyristor) over-voltage protection
Type:: CH80
Spec: 0.1-10μF/3,000-6,000VAC
Description: over-voltage protection
Application: Protecting SCR and rectifier ,such as in Electric Locomotive
High voltage shunt capacitor
Type:: BKMJ-H
Spec: 2Kvar-334Kvar/3kV-10kV
Description: compensation power factor
Application: high-voltage electric system
BKMJ Power capacitor (low voltage)
Type:: BKMJ
Spec: 1-200Kvar/0.13-2,000VAC
Description: low voltage shunt capacitor,reactive compensation,power correction
Application: switch cabinet,reactive power compensator cabinet..
RG water cooling high-power capacitors
Type:: R series
Spec: 250-3,000Kvar/275-3000VAC
Description: Medium, high,ultra high frequency electronic equipment for LC resonance
Application: For induction heater/dissolve/Mixing/casting machine.
 Audio grade acoustic capacitors
Type:: CBB20
Spec: 1-100μF,250-630VDC
Description: filtering,noise reduction circuit
Application: For power supply or audio frequency division
Epoxy resin capacitors/plastic film capacitor
Type:: CBB21/CL21/CBB22/CBB81
Spec: 0.068μF-5μF,250-1600V
Description: High voltage,impulse,ignition,resonance circuit
Application: For LED driver,lighting,speaker,communication device,household appliances etc.
LS Welding Machine capacitors
Type:: LS series
Spec: 10-100μF/400-1250VDC
Description: DC-link,DC filtering
Application: Special designed for inverter welding machine
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