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DMS series metal case high energy dc capacitor
Type:: DMS
Spec: 100~30,000μF/600~20,000Vdc
Description: Energy storage and dc filter capacitor
Application: Solar/wind power, SVG/HV power supply, flexible AC/DC inverter system, motor drive, frequency converter.
PMS/PPS high energy density pulse capacitor
Type:: PMS
Spec: 0.01~50000μF/3k~100kVdc
Description: Energy storage & pulse discharge capacitor
Application: Military, oceanography, power electronics, research, testing, defence
APB series THB grade box type ac filter capacitors
Type:: APB
Spec: 1~50μF/250Vac 310Vac 350Vac 480Vac
Description: The APB capacitor is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with epoxy resin in a plastic box, with 2 or 4 tinned copper wire leads out.
Application: Widely used in high performance AC filtering circuit, like renewable energy, UPS system and other outdoor applications.
CMS series water cooled compensation capacitors
Type:: CMS
Spec: 0.1~100μF/375~3000Vac
Description: Power factor correction capacitor for induction heating
Application: Induction heating, dissolve, mixing, casting machine
CMC/CMO series low voltage shunt capacitor
Type:: CMC/CMO
Spec: 1~200Kvar/0.13k~2kVac
Description: Power factor correction capacitor
Application: Power factor correction
CBB80 light compensation capacitor
Type:: CBB80
Spec: 1~100μF @1KHz;250V.AC /450V.AC
Description: Designed for lighting applications such as fluorescent lamps,high-pressure mercury vapor lamps,sodium lamps,and metal halide lamps.
Application: The capacitors are used for power factor compensation of transformers and magnetic ballasts in lamps with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz,which makes the power factor to achieve cosφ 0.9. The temperature
CBB65 Motor capacitor
Type:: CBB65
Spec: 3-100μF/150-600VAC
Description: High safe required Motor starting and running,energy storage,smoothing etc.
Application: Air conditioner,compressor etc.
CBB60 Motor capacitor
Type:: CBB60
Spec: 1-100μF,250/450VAC
Description: Motor starting and running
Application: Water pump,washing machine,paper smash machine and so on.
AC Motor capacitor
Type:: CBB61
Spec: 0.1-15μF/110-630VAC
Description: Motor starting and running
Application: AC single-phase motor at 50/60Hz ,such as electric fan
SCR (Thyristor) over-voltage protection
Type:: CH80
Spec: 0.1-10μF/3,000-6,000VAC
Description: over-voltage protection
Application: Protecting SCR and rectifier ,such as in Electric Locomotive
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