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Pulse capacitor
MD pulse capacitor for medical devices (defibrillator capacitors)
Type:: MKMJ
Spec: 5-500μF/1200-6000Vdc
Description: The MKMJ series MD pulse capacitors are designed for discharge applications like medical devices and food/water cleaning machines
Application: discharge applications such as defibrillators, lasers,electronic flash,X-ray machines
High voltage pulse capacitors(Axial)
Type:: MKMJ-C
Spec: 0.068-3.0μF/1,200-40,000VDC
Description: For HV pulse&energy storage
Application: Medical devices/ Insulation tester / high-voltage tester/ impulse current generator / impulse voltage generator/ magnetizing equipment
High energy High voltage high energy density fast discharge Pulse capacitor
Type:: MKMJ-S
Spec: 10-50,000μF,3K-100KV
Description: Pulse capacitor/energy storage capacitor
Application: Used in Military, Medical and Industrial applications
MEF series Pulse grade capacitor
Type:: MEF series
Spec: 5~80μF;900V/1200Vdc (Other voltage on request)
Description: The case made of PP material which has a UL94 rating of V2,Both the case and sealing material according to glow wire test(850℃) in IEC60695
Application: As the energy storage capacitor special for electric fence energizers etc
High voltage pulse capacitor for cable fault location
Type:: MMJ-2
Spec: 0.1μF-5μF/10kV-150kV
Description: pulse circuit,with high-voltage character
Application: Impulse voltage generator
Impact current pulse capacitor
Type:: MMJ
Spec: 0.5-500μF/10kV-100kV
Description: pulse circuit with heavy current character
Application: To impulse current generator
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