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DC link capacitor
LL series DC-link capacitors
Type:: LL series
Spec: 100-2,000μF,800-3000VDC
Description: DC-link/DC-filter/energy storage capacitor
Application: Inverter ,converter,power supply for dc-link
LA series dc capacitors
Type:: LA series
Spec: 10~500μF;400~5000V.DC
Description: improved solution of LL series
Application: Wind power,Solar power,electric vehicle,Frequency converter,Switch power supply,Plating power supply,UPS.  For DC-link,energy storage and filter.
LS DC-link/Resonance capacitors
Type:: LS series
Spec: 5-100μF/400-1500VDC
Description: For coupling or DC filtering
Application: Power supply ,Inverter , induction heater , welding machine etc
DC-link capacitors (box type)
Type:: LM series
Spec: 1-80μF/500-1200VDC
Description: DC-link,DC filtering
Application: UPS ,Motor drives ,Solar inverter ,Plating power supply , Chargers , welding machine for DC filter.
LG series DC-link/energy storage capacitors
Type:: LG series
Spec: 100-30,000μF/600-5,000VDC
Description: DC-link,energy storage,DC filtering
Application: For solar&wind inverter/ converter /SVG/power supply etc.
LS Welding Machine capacitors
Type:: LS series
Spec: 10-100μF/400-1250VDC
Description: DC-link,DC filtering
Application: Special designed for inverter welding machine
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