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How to select a pulse capacitor?

Pulse capacitor named from its application, It can be used in pulse circuit and providing energy when we need. We can treat it as a energy accumulator.

Many different pulse capacitors can be made into “pulse capacitor” , like metallized film pulse capacitor, ceramic pulse capacitor, foil film pulse capacitor etc. It can be discharged in a very short time and providing large impact current and pulse power. The impact current and pulse power can providing great high temperature, large electromagnetic and impulse wave.

CABO pulse capacitor

How to choose a pulse capacitor type, Metallized film pulse capacitor? Or foil type pulse capacitor? Or ceramic pulse capacitor? Which one will suit us most?  

From energy formula    W=½UQ=½CU²

knows that ,For more energy we have to rise capacitance (C) or voltage (U). So, high destiny energy pulse capacitor have to choose metallized film pulse capacitor or foil type pulse capacitor. Because metallized film pulse capacitor and foil type pulse capacitor can make its capacitance reach uF or mF level, but ceramic pulse capacitor at pF level.  

For cabo pulse capacitor

Energy destiny: metallized film pulse capacitor>foil type pulse capacitor>ceramic pulse capacitor  

For different design,metallized film pulse capacitor and foil type pulse capacitor can be made the lifetime at 3000-100,000 shot times.But ceramic pulse capacitor can be made into 1000,000 easily.

Lifetime: Ceramic pulse pulse capacitor>metallized film pulse pulse capacitor≈foil type pulse capacitor  

Pulse current is very important for a pulse capacitor, different application (equipment) have different request.

Pulse current: foil type pulse capacitor>metallized film pulse capacitor>ceramic capacitor  

Small capacitance(<1nF): ceramic capacitor

Large capacitance(>10nF): Metallized film capacitor/ foil capacitor

High energy density: Metallized film capacitor

Heavy pulse current: foil capacitor

High voltage: 3 types available Long lifetime: 3 types can be customized  

There are many other different points affect our final section of pulse capacitor, like temperature feature, physical feature..

CABO Electronics

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