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Cabo energy discharge capacitors for defibrillator


Capacitors play an important role in defibrillators .They collect the continuous low flow of current, store it, and then release it as a brief large flow of current . The delivery of high energy electric pulse to the heart can correct an arrhythmia and save lives. Generally, the duration is 4~10ms and electrical energy is 40~400J per time .

Defibrillator work circuit

Specially designed for application in Class II medical devices, Cabo’s MKMJ-MD series capacitors meet high reliability requirement. With reliable lifetime,military technologies and high energy density , MKMJ-MD series are widely used in automated external defibrillators (AEDs) now . They are mainly exported to Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, SouthKorea and Brazil, and verified by many customers that the charge/discharge times are not less than 10000 times, and the failure rate is below 50 fit.

In mass production of MKMJ-MD series, we arrange 100% full inspection to the capacitors before packaging , to ensure they can work normally.

Test 1. Test voltage between terminals

Test method:Apply 1.04~1.5 times the rated voltage between the capacitor terminals for aperiod of time and get the voltage drop curve   .

Test requirement: During the test, there shall be no permanent breakdown ,but self-healing breakdown is allowed. Check the capacitance value of capacitor, capacity change rate and tanθ should be within a certain range.

Test 2. Charge-Discharge For 30 Times Test (Life Test)

Test method:

(1) Apply rated voltage to the terminals of the capacitor (Charging the capacitor from a low voltage to the rated voltage) under the normal temperature environment.

(2) Holding time 20s.

(3) Pulse discharge with 50Ω discharge resistance.

Test Requirement:

(1) No breakdown and flashover on the capacitor.

(2) Capacitance change rate 3%.

Except the 100% full inspection, we will also arrange random inspection on different solutions to ensure their feasibility .

Voltage holding test

Test requirement: The internal parallel resistance must be20 . Example: 2200V 45s, under normal temperature, the voltage attenuation should be 80v (preferably<50V), and the voltage drop is required to be 4%. This test needs to be arranged again at the temperature of 50℃.

Application: Cabo defibrillator capacitor with small size while lagre capacitance

Capacitance: 115μF

Energy: 304.2J

Rated voltage: 2300Vdc

Dimension: D*H=50*117mm

Expected lifetime: ≥60000h @Un, θhotspot≤50℃

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