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What are film capacitors?


What are film capacitor

Film capacitors are capacitors which untilize the extremely thin plastic film as dielectric. Depending on the properties of the capacitor, the film can either be metallized or untreated. Aftering adding the electrodes , the completed assembly is mounted into a protective case to avoid environmental influences. Film capacitors are extensively applied due to their stability, long lifespan ,low ESR, low ESL and low failure rate.

Production process

Classification and application

According to material classification, film capacitors mainly include polypropylene and polyester types. Polypropylene film capacitor has low loss of high-frequency, low dielectric absorption coefficient, low water absorption and high dielectric strength.Polyester film capacitors has wide operating temperature range,high dielectric constant and high volume ratio.

According to applying situation, film capacitors can be classified as follows:

1. Resonance capacitor

2. Energy storage, DC link/DC filter capacitor

3. Snubber capacitor

4. AC motor starting and running capacitor

5. Pulse capacitor

6. AC filter capacitor

7. Compensation capacitor