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RH series HV Resonant Capacitors /0.6μF4000Vac


RH series HV Resonant Capacitors /0.6μF4000Vac

Categories: CABO capacitor , RH series

Machine: High voltage system

Design:   Square tpe


  • 1.High over-voltage and over-current

  • 2.Dry type structure

  • 3.Small Size

  • 4.Low ESR

  • 5.Self-healing

  • 6.IEC61071





Other type:

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CABO is a leading supplier of capacitors in China. As a well-known brand in China,CABO focused on high-end customers for years.We has been dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications and today serves more than 10,000 customers. Over 30 years experience in capacitor manufacturing and capacitor application,CABO combines innovative product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for renewable energy, power supplies,motor drives,HVAC, motors,welding, aerospace, military, medical, telecom, transportation   and UPS systems.

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